Which Country Has The Smallest Women In The World

Did you know there are more than 70 countries worldwide where the average female height is below 5'4? 

The smallest petite women coming mostly from the Far east in places like Indonesia and Bangladesh, where as the taller petite's are more towards Europe and America.  

Find out on the list we compiled.  Petite women are definitely not a minority across the globe! 

Smallest Petites In The World

Bolivia - 1.422m / 4 ft 8 in

Bolivia has on average the smallest women in the world with the average height for a woman standing at 4ft 8 inches.

Indonesia - 1.470m / 4 ft 10 in

Adding an extra 2 inches to the women of Bolivia are the women of Indonesia but standing at 4ft 10 inches they are still on average the second smallest female nation.

Guatemala - 1.473m / 4 ft 10 in

Standing at just .003 cm taller than Indonesian women are the women of Guatemala, as the saying goes - Every little helps!

Philippines - 1.502m / 4 ft 11 in

Breaking past the meter and a half mark are the women of the Philippines, although at 4 ft 11 inches the average height is still way below their European counterparts.

Bangladesh - 1.506m / 4 ft 11.5 in

Adding an extra half an inch are the women of Bangladesh standing at 4 ft 11 and a half inches. 

Tallest Petites In The World

Moldova - 1.612m / 5 ft 3.5 in

The smallest of the tallest petites in the world are the Moldovan's standing at 5 feet and 3 and a half inches.

Cameroon - 1.613m / 5 ft 3.5 in

The first African women to find themselves on our list, the women of Cameroon on average stand at 5 feet, 3 and a half inches tall.

Burkina Faso - 1.616m / 5 ft 3.5 in

Adding an extra .003cm are the women of Burkina Faso, still standing at 5 ft 3.5 in.

UK - 1.619m / 5 ft 3.5 in

The average woman in the Uk is 5 feet, 3 and a half inches tall

USA - 1.622m / 5 ft 4 in

The tallest of our smallest, the average height of women in the USA is 5 feet 4 inches.

Did you know there are more than 70 countries worldwide where the average female height is below 5'4? So whilst in the UK and USA usually anyone below 5ft3in is considered petite, elsewhere in the world they are practically giants!



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