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What is a capsule wardrobe?

Do you ever find your self standing in-front of a jam packed wardrobe thinking ‘I have nothing to wear’? Have you ever heard the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ but don’t know if it’s for you and if it was, you wouldn’t even know where to start? Look no further, here we explain what is a capsule wardrobe and why you need to start one.


So, what exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a concise collection of clothing used interchangeably to create a number of distinctive outfits to embody your personal style. These are often classic pieces that won’t go out of fashion, quality quintessential basics make up the backbone of the perfect capsule wardrobe - so invest in the best!


What is the history of the capsule wardrobe?

The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ has been used as early as the 1940’s in America to describe a collection of clothing designed to be worn together. 

In the 1970’s, London boutique owner Susie Faux felt that consumers were spending too much money on too many low quality clothes that were designed to last for just one season. The term was revived when she started to sell garments with a focus on fit and functionality. A collection of essential items that could be worn multiple times over the seasons, encompassing her philosophy that a better planned wardrobe creates a personal wardrobe that will last year after year.

The concept was developed further in 1985 with Donna Karan’s debut solo show ‘7 easy pieces’ a collection which was a hit with customers. At a time when women were transcending career stereotypes and making their mark on the corporate world, getting dressed needed to be quick, easy and make a statement. Karan believed that women could accomplish anything with the right basics and in an interview at the time saith that “They’ve discovered fast ways to put food on the table, but they do not know how to get their wardrobes together easily.” Her collection of items including a skirt, tailored trousers and suit jacket all centred around a simple body suit enabled every woman to build an easy to grab and go look. 


 Why should I start a capsule wardrobe?

The capsule wardrobe concept is relevant now more than ever, with the appetite for fast fashion dwindling and a consumer focus on sustainability. Investing in a collection full of high quality versatile pieces, carefully curated to express your personal style could be the best decision you make. Having a capsule wardrobe makes your life easier, your identity clearer and can have a positive impact on the environment, reducing your consumption and minimising waste. These pieces will be worn again and again so it’s worth doing your research into styles and colours that you like and that suit you as well as ensuring each item you buy has been created in a sustainable way.

 A capsule wardrobe is a simple solution to decluttering your wardrobe and life, freeing up your time and helping the environment too. 

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